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Krushi Samruddhi Producer Company Ltd, a farners' company promoted by Ravikiran Patil, an engineer-turned-social activist, looks to do business with textile giant Raymond Ltd, as it builds Rs1400 crore plant at Nandgaonpeth in Amravati. They look to ...
Achalpur based farmers&#39; co look to supply <b>lint</b> to textile giant Raymond
The music world has seen more than its share of losses this year, and in celebrating the life and work of Prince, David Bowie and others, filling the gaps in our iTunes libraries can get pretty costly. There's good news, however: Pocket-lint readers ...
Win a $1000 iTunes gift card for music, apps, games and more
Krushi Samruddhi Producer Company Ltd promoted by Ravikiran Patil, an engineer-turned-social activist, has come up with an offer to supply lint (processed cotton) to Raymond. A meeting of representatives of the two companies facilitated by chief ...
Lint fetched them Rs32,700 per candy (2 bales). Each quintal of cotton generates 37kg of lint. A candy weighs 370kg. Around 10 quintals of raw cotton go in making one candy of lint. Apart from it farmers sell 650 kgs of cotton seeds generated at Rs2250 ...
VIDEO - Grigor Dimitrov heeft op zelden vertoonde wijze de finale van het ATP-toernooi van Istanbul verloren. De Bulgaar moest Diego Schwartzman de hand schudden nadat hij twee rackets aan gruzelementen had geslagen: 7-6, 6-7 en 0-6. Dimitrov had al ...
&#39;Baby-Federer&#39; compleet door het <b>lint</b>
Pakistan's lint production likely to be hit by high cost of inputs, weak prices, poor weather, increased pest attacks like pink bollworm and white fly, and discouraging farmers from better crop management despite all efforts. Pakistan, the world's ...
Pakistan <b>lint</b> production likely to be hit this fiscal year
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